I’m an experienced speaker. I gave more than 20 talks on Functional Programming, Software Design in Haskell, Functional C++.

Feel free to contact me if you want me to be a speaker at your conference!

Similarities and dissimilarities of application architectures in OOP and FP (Rus), 2021
Slides (Eng)

Alexander Granin Uses Free Monads in Real Production (Eng)

Berlin Functional Programming Group Jan 2021
Slides (Eng)

Designing complex applications with Free monads (Eng)

Lambda Conf Global Edition 2020
Slides (Eng)

Concurrent applications with Free monads and STM (Eng)

Haskell Love 2020 online
Slides (Eng)

Automatic Whitebox Testing with Free Monads (Eng)

f(by) 2020, Minsk, Belarus
Slides (Eng)

Hierarchical Free Monads and Software Design in Functional Programming (Eng)

Functional Conf 2019, Bangalore, India
Slides (Eng)

Final Tagless vs Free Monads (Rus)

FPure 2019, Kazan
Slides (Eng)

Like in Haskell: Final Tagless and eDSLs on concepts (Rus)

C++ Russia 2020 online
Slides (Eng)

Monadic Parsers in C++ (Rus)

C++ Russia 2019, Moscow
Slides (Eng)

Keynote: The Present and The Future of Functional Programming in C++ (Rus)

C++ Siberia 2019, Novosibirsk
Slides (Eng)

Functional Approach To Software Transactional Memory in C++ (Rus)
Functional Microscope: Lenses in C++ (Rus)

C++ Siberia 2015, Novosibirsk
Slides (Eng)
Library cpp_lenses

Functional Life: Parallel Cellular Automata and Comonads in C++ (Rus)

C++ Russia 2016, Saint-Petersburg
Slides (Eng)
Showcase project CMLife

Functional Programming in C++ and Concurrent Calculations (Rus)

LambdaNsk, Novosibirsk, 2018
Slides (Eng)

Declarative and Functional Design in C++11 (Rus)

C++ User Group, Novosibirsk, 2014
Slides (Rus)

Let’s move from Ruby on Rails to Haskell (Rus)

LambdaNsk, Highload Siberia++, 2018
Slides (Eng)

Product :: RubyOnRails -> Haskell (Eng)

HasGeek / JSFoo, Bangalore, India, November 2019
Slides (Eng)

Design of Big Applications in FP (Rus)

FPConf 2015, Moscow
Slides (Rus)

Lenses — combinatorial manipulations by data (Rus)

Dev2Dev 2015, Krasnoyarsk
Slides (Rus)

The best FRP library is STM (Rus, live coding)

FProg Spb June 2020

Writing the Labyrinth game using Hydra framework (Rus, live coding)

FProg Spb May 2020

Haskell for mainstream developers (Rus)

FProg Spb Octover 2019, Saint Petersburg
Slides (Rus)

eDSL for Transition Graph using Free Monads and Existential Types (Rus)

FProg Spb апрель 2018, Saint-Petersburg
Slides (Eng)

You don’t understand FP (Rus)

DevDay@2GIS December 2017, Novosibirsk
Slides (Eng)

Haskell (Rus)

DevDay@2GIS May 2013, Novosibirsk
Slides (Rus)

Back to the Future: Functional Programming Yesterday and Today (Rus)

TechTalks@NSU, 2015
Slides (Rus)

Podcasts and interview

IT Beard podcast: Everything about Haskell (Rus)

The biggest Russian-speaking IT interview-like podcast. This episode is about Haskell with me as a guest.

{ between brackets }: how to write technical books (Rus)

We talk about how and why to write technical books. Is it worth writing them, and what is the point for the developer

Architecture Weekly: Will ChatGPT make us unneeded? (Eng)

Will ChatGPT render developers obsolete? How many IT professionals may lose their jobs?

Inference Podcast #2: Haskell and FP in the industry (and the community) (Eng)

With Michele Riva, we’re discussing the state of the FP and its place in the modern world.

00:00​ Introduction
02:43​ Alexander’s everyday tech stack
05:46​ What makes Haskell special?
08:35​ What was the hardest part of learning Haskell?
10:33​ Community support for learning Haskell
12:51​ Why is it so «hard» to enter the Haskell community?
15:37​ Can we encounter the same problems in other FP communities?
20:56​ Why did FP took such a long time to become so popular?
27:34​ Will FP overcome the OOP world?
33:24​ Can multi-paradigm languages make life harder for new developers?
37:25​ Alexander’s thoughts about the future of FP

PodlodkaPodcast #297: Functional architecture

I love talking about functional architecture and design! This is a very deep episode of the Podlodka podcast on Software Engineering in Haskell and other FP languages.

PodlodkaPodcast #136: Modern C++ (Rus)

I’m talking about C++: the past, the present, and the future. About standards, philosophy, pitfalls, and community.

We are doomed (Rus)

This is a free speech-style podcast. We’re talking about Functional Programming, programming books, non-programming books, reading, readers, our destiny, communities, haters, depression, and other stuff.

Remote Talk Podcast. Novosibirsk, Haskell in production, Rust, problems of IT, Functional Programming (Rus)

I’m talking about my path in IT, about my book «Functional Design and Architecture», about problems in IT, and about other stuff.

Pure Virtual Cast (Rus)

I, Sergey Platonov and Alexey Veselovsky are discussing C++, salaries, jobs, functional programming.

C++ Russia 2019 Piter — interview (Rus)

I, Sergey Platonov and Eugene Trifonov are talking about the C++ Russia conference, about the Program Committee work, and how to get into the conference as a speaker.

Alexander Granin’s interview to Vishwas Narayan: Software Architecture (Eng)

We’re talking about software architecture practices and approaches, and why software architecture is this today

Scalalaz — interview (FPure) (Rus)

Interview to the Scalalaz podcast given at the FPure 2019 conference.

Bitcask Podcast #5 (Rus)

Talks about Scala and Haskell with Oli Makhasoeva.


Frameworks in Functional Programming (Rus) — Alexey Pirogov, Alexander Granin


Idiomatic Functional Code (slides, Rus)
Lenses — a combinatorial data manipulation (slides, Rus)
Design of big applications in functional languages (slides, Rus)

Lectures in 2GIS

Lecture 1. Principles and practices of Software Development (slides, Rus)
Lecture 2. Liskov Substitution Principle (slides, Rus)
Lecture 3. Law of Demeter (slides, Rus)

Hinteractive Cast

Hinteractive Cast 1
Hinteractive Cast 2

🠺 hinterative showcase project

Innopolis HR Meetup

GitHub is a mirror of a developer (slides, Rus)

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